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The opinions and views discussed on social networks are my own unless otherwise specified. Following, friending, connecting, retweeting, sharing or liking/reacting does not imply endorsement. Some content is not suitable for those under the age of 18 or the easily offended.


Unless otherwise agreed upon by a separate contract, the following rules of use are related to photos I’ve taken:

  1. You may share and redistribute any images unaltered with proper attribution. Facebook attribution should point here: https://facebook.com/ZeroSerenityPhotography while Twitter can point to @ZeroSerenity, Instagram @ZeroSerenityPhotography and WorldCosplay is http://worldcosplay.net/member/416490
  2. Images may not be used in the promotion of anything that is not personal without previous consent. For example, if a page that is not directly related to someone in the picture or myself who’s taking the picture, posts said picture, this would be a violation of the agreement. Using it in your portfolio to show someone else and/or posting to a personal Facebook page is permitted. If found in violation of this rule, the party using them in a soliciting manner may be perused legally for up to $1000 per violation, or more if proof of revenue generation can be determined.
  3. You may not pay an entity that violates the terms of service of a website for promotion.
  4. Images may not be sold, licensed or sublicensed. Ever.
  5. Photos may be licensed for publicity in printed media from myself alone.

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Donating to the tip jar does not imply a business relationship, nor does it imply paying for services. If a contract is made/signed, this may be used for payments of said business relationship.


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