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I am told this feet is little short of amazing

I slaughtered six out of the seven Prime Avatars in just under 6 hours.

All on the wrong days.

Damn I’m good.

I won’t get into the details, but I only had to die once and I pretty much laid waste to every avatar. I wanted to take Fenrir, but I was a little too busy on the home front to make an attempt.

Not bad for a WHM/NIN eh?

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Waste of time, again.

Somewhere between Sunday’s post and this morning I got to level 28 on my Black Mage. Don’t quite remember the details, but I will make comment to what did happen this morning though. Our White Mage Paid for a PL. Now I really minded this alot, but since it was his loss for doing nothing and paying him for it, I’m like, screw it. Then he said he was going away for an hour to take a shower and the PL would take his job.


I kicked him because I don’t like people just letching EXP from the work we do. The PL didn’t notice and we got all the EXP. By the time the WHM got back, the party disbanded and everyone left. Dick (yes, that’s his name) got back and had a geniune “WTF?!” expression going on to me, noticing that his EXP hadn’t gone up. I said back to him:

PL {No thanks}.

People have got to learn to get on their own feet when playing XI. PLing is no way to learn how to do your job and I certainly don’t like people leeching EXP because they think they can.

Anyway, later today LS member Chronos said he needed directions to Hakutaku (The Optical Hat NM), so I teleported him and took him. Now simply for the reason of getting back to Jeuno quickly, I took /BLM along. We get into the temple, it’s me, Two WARs (One was Chronos) and a RDM. The RDM had the brush but had a rough time figuring out how to open the door. 900MP spent on invisible later, the door finaly opens. Cool.

We get in the den and I say everyone stay as close as possible to me. I throw up my dissapearing act as the other members follow suit. We ran down (taking a few wrong turns along the way) but the RDM after one minute of being down there fell down a hole. He said he was near the torches for ZM4 so I’d know where he is. I eventualy take Chronos and the other WAR to Hakutaku’s Pop location where the alliance is waiting for him, then go back for the RDM. Since I had a better idea of how to get around the den this time, he was very easy to find. We pull another dissapearing act and start running back upstairs and to the pop point. Just before the pop point, sneak wears on the RDM and he’s wasted by 5 Slimes. Figuring my options, I decide to blow the rest of my MP tractoring him to the alliance location.

Well that was swell. He gets a Raise III and I warp out. And over Teamspeak all I heard was that the party wiped. What a waste of time. Oh, and Chronos, you still owe me for taking you there.

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Errr…today wasn’t that great in XIdom. I tried to do Promyvion – Holla today, but got wasted. Twice.

First time nothing seemed to go right, the first tank died in a matter of minutes and the SMNs used their AFBPs a bit too soon and only got it to like 48%. But what I found most hillarious was that the second time we did it, we didn’t have our two-hours (Save for me as the WHM) and got it down to…6% before we wiped?

Damn. What a waste of time.

So I got back to Jeuno, joined a skill up party who included four tanks that didn’t want to tank and were too dumb to party in my group so I could heal them…

Damn. Another waste of time.

Now I’m in Qufim Island and leveling, get this, Black Mage. I’ve gotten it to 21 in one party that had a really rough time getting things together, then from 21 to 23 in almost no time with an all Japanese party. Got a few new spells from it, but didn’t get it to 25 yet, so I can’t go to Kazham.

Conquest will be tallied soon, so maybe I’ll be able to get some cooking done and use the rewards.

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THF Strikes back

27 and change. I went from a 60 Damage Sneak Attack to a 100 Damage in a single level (26-27). My Custom F Gloves really did the trick to make me feel eplosive. Add in a poisonous Wasp Sting and it’s a good day in Thiefdom.

Three more levels untill Trick Attack, then I can mess with my friends in my farming parties.

Yeah. And my LS are starting to be total jackasses. I still need a new LS. I hope my Dynamis App comes back soon.

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Adventures as a Thief in the den of evil

I’ve started a mission yesterday to have Thief become my new sub job for farming. Sofar it’s been two days and I’ve brought it from 7 to 12.5 or so. Man. I am always reminded why I hate Valkurm so much. No parties for hours, nothing to do and an infestation of n00bs. At least this time I have the ability to fish (Cobalt Jellyfish) and synth (Mercury) while I wait, but my rod broke and I’m out of crystals to make the stuff… {/cry}

Well, I hope I can get 13 before D&D with the guys tonight.