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I don’t care. If you have to waste your time trolling my blog like a pathetic little boy, I feel sorry for your bloodline and hope social Darwinism takes it’s toll on you.

But let’s make this post interesting and classic! It’s time for a Final Fantasy XI update!  Hoorah!  So lately I’ve been doing the subjob thing again. All that remains are five levels of Samurai, twelve of Monk and Puppetmaster. Things are looking good. I’m also seriously leveling my Corsair up to somewhere because I was asked to. Next level I can get my Trump Gun. I think it’ll be good.

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Following it up

Last post was writen in the moments before a Besiged in XI so I kinda rushed my way through it. Ok. The big news again is that V2 is up and running agian with a new board thanks to Josh. It’s a thing of beauty right there. I also purchased a new computer case for the thing, not really as a symbol of rebirth or something, but more or less because I think that’s what fried the last board. When I took the machine apart I noticed a missing stand-off near the rear I/O block. I figured this may of caused the problem, so I got a new case which had pre-loaded standoffs in a better configuration than the last. The machine is no different save for the board. I may buy more RAM for this thing too. I’m also purchasing a laptop, partialy because been going a bit too long without one and the other is lugging around the box is a total pain sometimes. Not to mention there are some classes where I’d like to do some stuff alongside the instructors, but we’re typicaly in a theory room with no computers, so that’s not going to happen.

The site has seen a minor change as the header and menu have shrunk in size a bit. I think it looks a little better, but still seems kinda small. I’m going to guess people still running 800X600 (shame on you if you do) aren’t happy with me still because that’s one-fourth of the screen gone. Two things I still need to take care of are the border on every page so I can get rid of the frames and add Coppermine to the site alltogether. Heh. Got some stuff on my plate it seems.

Jumping back to XI, I have done some crazy stuff. (If the previous link leads somewhere, let me know in a comment.) My Valkurm Rush has reached Round 16 of 18, the last of the Support Jobs (Corsair) is on it’s way at level 13 and I managed to pay for my Automaton upgrade to Stormwalker Frame, but now I need to go pick it up. With high-level attachments at the ready at level 10, we should be in good shape to rip stuff apart when the time comes for Puppetmaster to have it’s fun in Valkurm. But now that I add it up again, I have now 600 job levels spread across 18 jobs. Quite impressive by my standards. Next goal? 700. If I get all jobs to 37 I should have it. Perhaps after that I may make the goal to get all the Artifact Weapons in the game. Then all the Artifact Armor. Then a Maat’s Cap. Who knows. At the moment, the varriety of jobs and whatnot is quite enjoyable. What isn’t enjoyable is the over abundance of n00bs and idiots in Valkurm Dunes as usual. Hopefuly Qufim won’t suck this bad. Oh wait, I can solo there. Lucky me. I can’t tell which job I’m going to enjoy the most to level to 37, but at the moment Dragoon is really fun. I’ve got the hang of having my wyvern be my main healer and can take on some Ts without too much issue.

Well, I think that’s enough for now. It’s finals week and I’m hoping to smoke the competition. Persons in my major in my quarter: 2. Expected number to actualy graduate: 1. Well, maybe.