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Anime Expo 2017

Cosplay pictures aren’t even done/started. You can watch this page for when they go live: Cosplay page

If you want my full writeup of how my con went, read on:

So this trip wasn’t great. I ended up getting to the airport where my headphones fell out of my bag and broke on the floor. The airplane ride was violent and drink service was so slow that it wasn’t until we were 40 minutes from landing (flight is about two and a half hours long) that I actually got my drink. This on top of getting into the plane and finding a guy in my seat who was trying to get me to switch seats to which I said no. So I land and get my bags, that’s no issue. Get to the shuttle and the driver tries to get me to pay him $5 for my extra bag, which I already paid for. I threw a fit at him explaining that I already paid for it and then he finally relented.

I get to a hotel which turns out is the wrong one, but it was the hotel I was told to be at. I then take a car to another hotel which is the right one, with a fairly swell at conversation Lyft driver, and then proceed to wait. I was told by my room captain, Brooklyn that they would be at this hotel at 3PM to drop their stuff and pick me up to go to Sana Monica Pier. They went to the pier without me and didn’t come to the hotel at all. I was embarrassed as hell sitting in the lobby basically taking up space because NOBODY TELLS ME ANYTHING. 12AM and she finally gets to the hotel to check in and what does she do? Not even bother acknowledging that I was there, to the point the hotel staff told me “That was Parcel”. So I ran outside to check on this all and she was a real whiner. I got to the room and tried blowing up my air mattress to which she complained that the pump was noisy and didn’t want to hear it, so I slept on a half-blown up mattress. If I knew this making me wait was going to happen, I would have gone to Disneyland to kill off the time! At least that would have been more exciting than sitting on my butt.

The next day we go out for a boring shopping trip then get our badges. It is at this point I find out Brooklyn as a driver is terribly unsafe. Goodies. Eventually we get to a Korean BBQ place where I realize I’m beginning to suffocate. The place had so much smoke that wasn’t being ventilated properly that I felt like I was choking. I ran out and ended up at a Denny’s with the van keys. When I got back, nobody asked how I was but instead just said “Keys”. Wow. Now we’re literally speeding to get churros five minutes before the joint closes. This person is a glutton. So, we start heading back to the hotel and once again her piss poor organization and such leads her to the same hotel I got to yesterday because she doesn’t listen to me! She starts having a mental breakdown while I gloat “I told you so.” Back at the room, she is now working on cosplay! I cannot stand lazy cosplayers. Finish your stuff before you leave for con or just don’t bother.

The next day is day 0 and we go to the hotel to which I was informed that I would have to get my own car with Bella to get there because nobody can pack a minivan (not like I can anyway). The first car comes up and then asks if we can be dropped off somewhere that isn’t our destination because he has to pick up his kid in an hour. I tell him in no uncertain terms to “Get out.” Lyft regulations specifically state that if you accept the trip and can’t do it you have to cancel the ride. So a second car gets summoned, blows right by us and cancels the ride on us. Understandably frustrated I call another car and this time we get a ride…that takes us dozens of kilometers out of the way to pad his distance and time clock for the fare. We finally get to the convention area where I check into my room at the Courtyard and get situated. I was first surprised to meet the Dark Lord himself, Shawne Kleckner (President of Right Stuf)! What a kickoff. Fortunately for me Brooklyn isn’t in the same room I am. But when we go to get Bella’s bags from her she loudly proclaims “tomorrow, this is the sex room”. Who in hell needed to know that? Not I!

My first shoot with Elysia goes off without a hitch and very well in my opinion. It was the only pool shoot I got (complete with underwater pics) before I heard through the grapevine that they’re being cracked down on. Next Karen invited people over to spend some time swimming and thinking “I’m not going to the concert, I’m in.” we spent a few hours together just being dorks.

Day One hits, wake up, head out and here is when the hell begins. My first shoot at 10AM has to reschedule because she wasn’t feeling well, my shoot 11AM happened at 11:20, 12PM is a non-communicative, so I continue to wander. Met a nice girl dressed as Sonico Bride (you know the one) and honestly, I was so happy with the way she declined my photo shoot request. Nothing wishy-washy or half-answer, just “I’d rather go with somebody I already really know.” Folks, this is how you fucking do it! I feel so much happier when somebody does this to me over anything else. Then 1PM bails, 2PM is the Yandere Simulator meetup which was rather quiet this time around. I hung out with the dev afterwards and gave him a soda from my bag as we talked about how he’s doing. He’s obviously very stressed as his hair is going gray. I spent some time wandering until my 10AM says she’s ready at 3:30PM. I knock that out then basically panic because I need to get to my other room in the JW Marriott to do a hotel shoot at 6PM. I keep messaging Brooklyn to give me the keys and eventually I am told to talk to the other guy who has the room and she was being super snotty about it. I get to the room, drop my stuff, go back out, come in and my room captain is having sex with of his models. YEAH. Maybe on your off hours but not when you share a hotel room with someone! Whatever. 6PM shoot goes off without a hitch and my 7:30 mostly works out, though I should remind everyone, escorts shouldn’t be barking directions, especially if they sound like a garbled mess. Whatever. Early night, while the knuckleheads (the non-photographer pair in my room now) get in stupid late.

Day Two, 10AM is a non-communicative person, so he flakes. 11AM didn’t manage her time at all and would have arrived 45 minutes late if I didn’t just call it off. Around this time I ran into a girl I met last year and I invited her to come out to the grassy area in front of the parking lot, she gave me her number and I was all set to go…but then it just didn’t happen and she didn’t answer my calls. People, please, if you don’t want to shoot with me, just fucking say no. That easy. My 1PM was 45 minutes late but I shot anyway, 2PM was on time and great. At that point my 3PM wasn’t responding to messages so I let 2PM run over until 3PM says “I’m at the spot.” Flustered, I grab what I can in a few hands, run all the way from my hotel to the south end of the convention center (about a 1km walk), take some shots and then have to go right back for my 4PM, my first and second of five Virgin Killer Sweaters. Party hits off but the meetup was a bust at six people. Turns out almost nobody knew and the lack of a “Cosplay Meetup 2” flag caused confusion. Found a couple other VKS later and asked them if they wanted to shoot, so back to the hotel we went for another round. I then hit the floor again to see my Saturday 6PM being around and wanting to go see the offerings in the room with the backdrops. Thanks to the escort from my Saturday 7:30, we got some prime backdrops done quick and this is where all the fun memes happened. This day felt really short and lacked a lot of substance somehow.

Day Three, I messed up my schedule and realized my 10AM was for Day 4 so I had some free time and invited my 11AM down early. I told her about the situation at the pool and it transitioned to a room shoot that was way too much fun since she was Canadian and I spent a lot of time there! Unfortunately my 1PM was an hour late but it seemed to go well…until 4PM when my roommate was like “I gotta shoot too!” which I interpreted to “I gotta fuck someone now. Get lost.” Great. Didn’t get to do all the pictures I wanted, but I think it went okay. Went back to the floor, finally got my 12PM from Friday to shoot with me after chasing them all over the convention center. I poked around for a bit then tried to figure out what was going on with my 7:30PM. Turns out she was sore, upset and soforth and didn’t want to do the shoot we planned with the stuff I brought, despite what felt like her huge excitement. It was very frustrating. So I kept wandering and trying to keep things in high spirit even though I was really starting to feel myself break under the stress of cancelations and flakes. I met Tony Swanton of Sword and Stone (the original Man at Arms guys), took a few more pics. Later, 7:30PM calls again and asks me to go out for a late shoot of her in a completely different outfit from her friend. I just…fine, I went to the agreed location and of all things I ran into Micah Moore of Beat Down Boogie, somebody I haven’t seen since Otakon years ago, since he moved to Atlanta. I did the shoot then escorted her back to her hotel where she said she wanted to get out of her costume then go out for drinks.

Day Four, I’m still about ready to lose it. 10AM, slightly late but works out largely okay. I spend the rest of the day wandering but not finding tons of great cosplay. I know, last day, long con, this is a thing. I did get another box gag done though, so we’ll have that to look forward to. I finished by picking up my friend a gift that said it was $50+$10, but I get home and my statement says $90. Fucking hell I gotta reverse a charge. Got TFS to do a video improv with the rabbits. Then I leave the con to catch my van. I get to the airport, check my bags, pout everything away and forget to get my Manga out of the checked bag to put into the carry-on and was largely bored silly until the girl next to me noticed some of my anime stuff and we hit off because we were both coming back from AX. Wee! Made a friend. Come home to find my luggage lock cut open and my Dir~en~grey Age Quod Agis shirt with a big hole in it because the TSA apparently struggled with a lock and can’t repack a bag. The gift was undamaged though.

I’m tired…

Ran into Penny Underbust, twice. Seeing in 3D is believing with that lady.