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Fanimecon 2016

So by now some of you know but this trip to San Jose I had was plagued with problems and me just not having a real good time. I wanted to sit and explain why. First happened sorta before any of the event happened and that is my one carryon luggage piece had its wheel break. Now since I had three bags, my carryon, my clothes and my photography kit, not being to efficiently roll one was slowing me down like crazy. On top of that, I missed the first train down to the convention center so I had to wait longer than I had hoped to get there. Once arriving I changed into my costume (Reisen) and standed in line for what felt like an eternity to pick up my registration and badge. I think it lasted some two hours all said. Once I got it I walked onto the convention floor and saw my friends. One had noticed me, the other hadn’t. I walked up to the one that had to stand behind the one that hadn’t to surprise her and the girl who saw me slapped me in the gut with her purse. Intentionally, but she said it was playful. I wasn’t really feeling myself I guess. So we hung out for a bit but then through a series of events I can’t quite explain, the girl who saaaw me said I should go away or she would contact security. I was “Wait, what? I thought we were friends! Where did this come from?” I spent the rest of the day being incredibly moapy and beside myself. I tried to get some pics but all my ideas just kept coming too late for some people. Like, I found a Sonico and Shimakaze that would have made for an amazing hotel shoot but she was gone before I could catch her and a Yandere-chan (Yes, from Yandere Simulator) who I thought would do the same and titled “Dreaming of Senpai”.

This was just day one. On day two we did the group Touhou shoot and the girl from the first day did apologize to me but I felt like our relationship was gone at that point. It wasn’t well of me as part of the reason I came out was to see her again. The rest of the day was fairly uneventful, as Touhou cosplay was the most serious of serious business. I didn’t really spend any time with some of the other people I went to see (like Zelda) so I spent it trying hard to keep me from feeling sad. The evenings went by and I always felt like I was missing out on something instead of feeling satisfied. However, my spirits immediately perked up at the sound of the first chords of Mick Gordon’s amazing rendition of “The Instinct”. I followed the source and found out that I was going to be treated to the final four of a Killer Instinct tournament. I was so excited I sat in the front row and was giddy at the things going on. Our special guest was Maximillian Dood who worked on the game when it was with Double Helix. I did get to play a round on stage myself too! I realized how out of practice I was that day, but I had fun. I met an Excalibur that was putting on an act that I thought was hilarious and could not pass him up.

Day three was pretty bad, as about 3PM I noticed the suit was wet. Its wool, which made no sense until Idealized I had sweat completely through my undershirt and dress shirt all the way until the wool jacket. I had enough of that and had to get changed into some normal clothed, which all I had were what I flew in on. It didn’t make me happier, but it did make me feel a bit better since I didn’t feel like I was suffering from so much heat exhaustion. Later, I caught up with the girl again and got a couple snaps for fun, though I still sensed some tension. The night went on and once again it felt like I missed something that night.

Last day and holy cow this one is a mess. Got up and packed bags, put them into storage, hit the con floor in my flight home clothes. I didn’t end up seeing the girl again (though I did want to) and instead spent most of the afternoon swimming in Deadpools (ha!) and generally trying to have a good day as the con was about as dead as Otakon was on its last Sunday (somehow). Anyway, there was an advertised event of cosplayers taking over a nearby Dave and Buster’s after Fanimecon. Apparently they forgot about the Golden State Warriors game at that time. Anyway, one of the Deadpool gang decided to drive us all, but he left his car lights on and it was stuck in a garage with no way of starting it. Great. We decided to push it out of the garage while I drove (since I was the most experienced driver and the dune buggy had no power steering, I knew what I was getting into.) I got it out of the garage and onto the street where a man stopped to jump the car. By the time we got to Dave and Buster’s my time was up, so I caught my first Lyft ride ever (hilarious since I’m also a driver) and got to the airport. I am now cruising in the sky as I write this and don’t think I’ll ever come to this convention again. Four days is far too tiring to work and I’m not sure I really had a good time.

What a weekend.