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Proposed Constitutional Amendments

Work in Progress

=Corporate Personhood=

Text: All rights herein described by this document are applied only to living humans not dependent on a biological or mechanical host. Organizations other than the press may be regulated for speech.
Thoughts: Needs work.
=Equal Rights=
Text: No human shall be discriminated on basis of race, sex, gender identity or sexuality.
Thoughts: Also needs work.
=Right to Bear Arms=
Text: Congress shall regulate the ownership of overly destructive arms to those it sees fit.
Thoughts: Maybe a bit too broad.
=Presidential Elections=
Idea: Axe Electoral College, use preferential voting.
=Congressional Elections=
Idea: Double preferential balloting. Double the house and senate size, persons vote in preference and the first two past the post win.
=General Elections=
Idea: All election methods must be regulated and standardized based on the standards of the federal government.
Thoughts: Gives the federal government the ability to regulate elections again.
=Term Limits=
Text: The term limit of any federal office shall be at max of 12 years.
Thoughts: Supreme Court, Congress, President (left locked at 10 years already).
=Senate Confirmation Limit=
Text: For positions requiring senate confirmation, a vote must be held on the appointed confirmation within 60 days of nomination. If the senate fails to do so, he or she shall be confirmed automatically without delay.
Thoughts: Having to throw in recess appointments to get the government to function is not governing.
=Personal Control=
Idea: Right to treatment based on own desires, removes ability of parents to deny medical care on religious reasons, zaps anti-vaxers and soforth.