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My thoughts on gun laws

I’ve been mulling over this for a while so I feel I need to write it down. Here are the regulations I think are reasonable and should be put into place.


Purchase control

All gun sales require a background check – No buts

Private gun sales from a non-dealer to a non-dealer must be presided over by a dealer who will perform the background check – Closes gun show loophole.

All owned arms with serial numbers must be in a national database – For tracking of crimes and trafficing

All gun owners must go through regular mental competency evaluation

All gun owners must have liability insurance – Like car insurance

All gun owners must obtain a “license” – Safety and use course sort of thing, again just like cars

Ammunition or ammunition loading supplies must be purchased in person from a dealer with registration of purchases – Excessive purchases will require explaination

No gun sales to those on terrorist watch list or no fly lists, but person much have chance to remove himself from list

One gun, per day, per person

Felons are barred from buying or owning guns from double their sentence, starting from the release of jail – So if someone is in jail five years, the ten years after release they are barred from owning a gun


Assault Weapon control

Guns that fire more than two shots in one trigger pull are banned – Prevents fully automatic weapons, but allows for double barrel shotguns to still exist

Bullet weapons have a 10 round limit, pellet weapons have a four shot limit – The only reason Jared Lee Loughner was taken down was because he was stuck reloading from his 33 round magazine (he also dropped it, giving an even bigger opening). As much as people think it’s possible, nobody can really reload at Call of Duty speed.

Modifications to make guns fire at an faster speed than their original design are banned – There’s a stock modification that uses recoil to turn an M4 Semi into something very close to an automatic. This sort of thing would be banned.

Specialty ammunition is banned – And by this I mean Shatter-point rounds, armor piercing rounds, incendiary rounds and soforth. Shotgun ammo excluded, provided it’s all solid


Carry control

Guns cannot be carried on the property of schools and children’s parks, law enforcement excluded – Probably won’t prevent anything, but it would make me feel better

Guns must be in locked cases for transport with ammo in separate cases

Guns must be in semi-hard holsters or slings when on person, not in pockets or bags

If there is a child living in the home, all guns must be locked in a combonation safe when not in use – This prevents some child killing or subduing their parent, grabbing the keys and going for the safe


Contemplative ideas – The stuff I can’t quite figure out how I feel

Concealed Carry – I can’t figure out how I feel about this. I suppose if I had to give something, make this harder to get than the gun license.

Sound and Flash suppression – Where to draw the line is a big question I don’t have the answer to, but a better question is that it’s unnecessary, so why buy them?



The question of course remains, why these specifically? Most gun owners hide behind the second amendment as their right to own weapons like these. To me this is silly. Let’s look at the text:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed

But here’s what it doesn’t say: What kind of arms. Those involved in the ratification of the bill of rights probably never could have imagined cartridge based weapons (as in brass, not paper) let alone fully automatic weapons.

A typical response to my ideas is simply “What if we have to protect ourselves from a tyranical government?” My answer?

“Drone Strike”

If you think a pea shooter is going to effectively go up against a hellfire missile shot (or more accurately dropped) from 5 kilometers away, you are delusional. If the government has become so corrupt that civil war is on our hands, the rebelion will be crushed under the weight of assault aircraft, armored infantry fighting vehicles and battleships. There is just no excuse for this anymore.