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R.I.P. The Command & Conquer Saga

Today we come together to pay our final respects to my once favorite gaming franchise. The prophecy of Kane I will no longer follow. The tanks of GDI I will no longer command. The Allied technology is worthless. The Soviet war machine is gone.
I cannot play this game. Redifining the formula has produced a game more like Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II or perhaps Company of Heroes than a classic C&C game. What made C&C great? Structures and the MCV. You got to build your base without having to worry about massive micro-management. You qued up something, went to control your units and when it was up you dropped it on the field. In 4, you don’t get that. You don’t even get the MCV. You get this worthless thing called a crawler that constructs all your units in house. Should probably also mention that engineer’s purpose has been redone from capturing structures to repairing units. Few dedicated structures (Basically you can only build defense structures) and you only get one build que which brings me to my next thing.
Resource gathering. Removed entirely. No longer do you have to gather tiberium, getting new fields or spikes. Instead, you can gather these tiberium crystals that drop from the sky, bring them to your base and you get upgrade points to make your units stronger or unlock extra tiers of units. But with the removal of resource gathering comes the removal of units actually costing money. Essentially what you have is a *craft style game where units cost a supply cap. That’s it. No credits. The game is around cranking out units and filling a que. When your units die, just raise another batch at no cost. What does this lead to? Stalemates and wars of attrition. Not exciting.
Also, you can’t win by beating your opponents into submission. No, you have to go around and collect these Tiberium Control Nodes to earn Victory Points. Why does this sound familar? On right. This is stolen from Warhammer 40,000 again.
I read somewhere that this game is more about co-operative play where one person each takes a crawler of offense, defense and support. Can someone beat into Raj’s head that nobody who plays these games wants to play Co-Op? It was a hindrance in RA3 and now you want to bring it back?
This is not the game I wanted to see. As much as people complain about it being roughly the same game with better graphics I would pretty much like to see that with C&C games. I want to start from nowhere, build up a base and a total army of units and steamroll over my opponent. Games that involve being the uber micro are for Counter-strike players. I on the other hand will be sitting back enjoying a rousing game of Magic: The Gathering, something that still has some semblance of strategy left in it. I’ll leave you with the following quote:
Stormfather wrote: C&C isn’t dead yet. It’s only lying under the guillotine with its hands tied. You can see the timer until the execution here:

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  1. Reqisat In Pace.

    I remember some good times with C&C. Oh well. NEXT GAME!