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Modern Warfare 2 Midnight Launch Unboxing

Oh yeah baby. Here’s what we got. I went big of course.

Line Pictures, way more than the launch of Halo 3: ODST.

I got my box and rushed home. Here we go!

Let’s open this beast up.

Quite an elaborate box.

And the game case.

The goggles.

But seriously, does this really require all these fasteners and tape?

Finaly out. Takes 5 AA batteries to boot.

So I had to try this thing. At first I kept thinking will this thing fit around my glasses. Turns out not only does it, but it does farily well. I had to loosen the headstrap a bit but they’re pretty cool. Quite effective, but they have the major problem of your field of view being hampered along with depth perception being tossed to the wind. Still pretty fucking cool though.

Then of course, gimmie head!

In pieces no less, hanging out with my PSP.

Now on the rack.

Perfect with goggles.

Now to actualy play this epic beast.