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Why does it even need to ask this question?

So I’m playing the Brütal Legend demo and then this option comes up durring the opening cutscene:

“From time to time, Brütal Legend may need to utilize strong language in order to accurately potray the authentic roadie experience to the player.” with the choices, “I want to hear every nasty syllable.” and “It’s funnier if you bleep it out.”

Seriously. An M rated game and they have to ask this question? I think the dialog box and cutscene interruption is funnier than all the swearing you can put in this game.

Update: Worse, here’s the second interruption and choice:

“Brütal Legend contains some blood and gore, including dismemberment and occasional beheadings, whenever it is necessary for the plot, historical accuracy or to look awesome.” with the choices, “Okay, but only when it really would look very awesome.” and “No gore, please!”.

I could not hit that yes button fast enough.

Demo? Good? You bet. I think I’m sold. While it’s very much a hack ‘n slash adventure game it’s got tons of goodies sofar and I’ve just done the demo. I think we’re good.