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A story of lonelyiness (Picture Dumping Post)

No, this isn’t about me (though I am still single by the way), but about something else. Read on for my story about Cardcaptor Sakura and what I did for it, as well as some other pictures.

First off this needs a qualifier. Everyone knows about my collection. But let me focus on something rather particular about it. Namely, this section:

Notice the theme? It’s all CLAMP stuff. Tsubasa, XXXHolic (Gee, I don’t know if CLAMP just likes X’s or the idea of this being almost porn), Cardcaptor Sakura, Angelic Layer and Chobits (the rest is unrelated, just there). But did you notice something missing? You know, Cardcaptor Sakura the Manga Volume 5? Well today I had something hit my porch.

Yes. Inside the box was this many inserted ads. I wish I was kidding but in all seriousness, do people really pay to get these things stuffed in the box and thrown out? Oh wait, you wanted to know what was really in there right? Okay.

Yup. After about…oh…two years of starting this series and trying to get the collection I finaly have it done. So why was this book so hard to find? I’m not sure to be honest, but I have my suspicions. See, in the series there is a girl named Rika Sasaki who is mildly infatuated (if not madly in love) with the main characters’ teacher Yoshiyuki Terada. Now this might be a bit like a crush if there wasn’t one problem. Yoshiyuki actually returns the love given, making this a strange relationship that, for lack of a better term, is pedophilia. I think that’s why this volume is hard to find since it’s probably the only one that even touches the subject.

On an unrelated note it has come to my attention now that I have completed the series that Dark Horse is to re-release the series in “Omnibus format”. For the unenlightened, it is basically the same thing but the volumes are much larger. Much like how I’m buying and reading Ruroni Kenshin’s “Big” format, this one looks about the same. Will I pick it up? Only if it’s in color.
Let’s move on shall we? I went to my best friend since childhood (really, I’m only about two months older than him and met him maybe a couple weeks afterwards) Bob’s 22nd Birthday. I got some pics from it. Like what happens when you take an old laptop nobody cares about and you shoot it with some guns? Ask no more!

Also, Bob while clearly a bit drunk decided to tackle something and did this to his arm:

And now you can meet my gay posse:

(Left to right: Bob’s Brother David, a roomie, me, Bob, another roomie making the grab)
One more thing to add, it’s about a magical box of macaroni and cheese. Why is this thing magical? Well I opened up my cabinet to get something out and…

How the hell is it just floating there?