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I need you!

So I’m actualy working on a few of my XNA projects that I didn’t make in school so I can include them into my portfolio. Here’s the thing though. I need alpha testers, artists and maybe some sound guys. I’m not explaining what this game is and if you agree to work with me you cannot talk about it. Sound fair? Sure. Here’s what’s needed.

If you want to be considered for testing, you must fufill the following four requirements.
XP, Vista or NT7
.NET Framework 3.5 (Get it here)
XNA Framework 3.0 (Get it here)
A wired Xbox 360 controler or Xbox 360 Controler Wireless Adapter with controler.
…or you can trump all of that with Xbox 360 with Xbox Live Gold+XNA connect ($120/yr).

For art, I need sprites for the four Xbox 360 crontroler buttons (XYAB). I’ll leave the creative part to you.

And finaly for sound I need three sounds, one for a button press that suceeeds, one for a buzz indicating something went wrong and finaly a ding that symbolizes completion.

Compenstation includes your name (or nickname) in the credits. If this goes as viral as I’m hoping it does, there may be monetary compensation as well (In other words, if it kicks ass, it is worth money).

Keep in mind this is all alpha work and incredibly buggy at this stage. So don’t expect huge results at the moment.

One thought on “I need you!

  1. HEY! You jurk! Why didn’t you mention this?!? Whatever you need, I got. We’ll talk about it tomorrow.