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I don’t know if I should go on…

Well I’ve come to spending a lot of time thinking about this whole collection and I keep comming to the point of why in hell am I doing this? Goodness knows all the anime I could probably ever want is a click away and everyone knows I can aford the hard drive space and have a broadband connection to shame an average university. I have come to the point of realizing that I am totaly obsessed with this. At times I think I should just sell off the more obscure and bad titles but other times I’m too clingy to my anime. Something tells me I need help. Serious help. The kind that involves being hit in the head with a golf club. But no, I still continue to sit here and think about what this is doing to me. Maybe I should break down and burn it. Maybe I should just rip everything onto some hard drives to make things easier. Maybe I should…Awe fuck it. Here’s your picture:

That’s correct ladies, I have filled up two racks full of anime and had to move onto a third. It was quite shameful when I realized that the second rack was completely disorganized and was more of me throwing DVDs in random places that had room. I just said to myself it’s gotta be time for another one. Yet oddly, dispite my collection being bigger since the last time I updated (or, to be brutaly honest, this morning), it kinda seems smaller and more empty now. Maybe that’s because some of the racks have entire sections with no disks in them, but I think it’s more along the lines of whole blank patches with much more organization and cases aren’t crammed together. Well, to sum up this whole thing, all three of these racks have been purchased within the last year. If that’s any attestation to how quickly and effectively my rack is growing, then color me unsurprised.

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  1. I fail to see what the problem is.

    Also, bigpic is big.