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Sarge! You’ve gotta help me!

“You left me with one blue

But now there are three!”

“Vic was right. It was a trap all along! Listen doughnut, Vic told me all about the blue plot! That fella Tucker is gonna make up things, crazy things about red and blue. You can’t listen to him, you just can’t!” -Sarge
“Sarge, what should I do?” -Doughnut
“Don’t let ’em catch on that you know, just act like you normaly do-wait not like you. Act like someone more brave, smarter, more masculine for god’s sake.” -Sarge
“Okiedokie Sarge!” -Doughnut
“He’s a dead man Simmons.” -Sarge
“It’s okay sir, I thought you were getting too close anyway and that’s not good for the chain of command.” – SImmons

Yeah. I went out and decided that my old CRT equipment needed to die in a fire so I replaced them with more of my LCD of choice and damn is it pretty. Here’s more pictures:

As they hang out in the hallway among other ordered parts.

So I bring them inside to avoid the weather.

Mostly hooked up, but still have the plastic on.

Good to go!

Oh, expect more uber tech in the days to come folks. Oh, and see if you can spot the boobies in the pictures. Hee hee.

5 thoughts on “Sarge! You’ve gotta help me!

  1. You said boobies

  2. Yo wear are zspex ? FAIL!

  3. Ummm… not only are there voices, but they are conversing & have a chain of command… this is not good. Yet, and still, the beer stands un-drunk. The voices like the beer, so drink the beer.

  4. am i the only one that saw the boobs hes talking about?If so then im a sad sad man >< lol