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My life is boring

I just really noticed something. After reading my brother’s blog/book thingy, I just took a look at my own life and realized something.

It’s really boring.

Here’s what a day looks like: I lie in bed for half an hour after I get up. I finally crawl out of bed. Most of the days I don’t even shower. I figure, I’m not going anywhere, nobody ever comes here, why present myself? Sometimes I just leave my PJ pants still on. I throw on a random “junk” (AKA those useless Boilermaker shirts) tee to complement it just so I don’t seem so naked. I plop myself in my command station’s chair that’s broken because my father is too cheap to buy a chair that won’t break after a year’s use and I won’t buy another one. My vision comes to light. I say three choice words to turn my computers back to life from an idle state to monitors on at full power. I check my IMs (usually none show when I’m sleeping) My Yahoo!, my Yahoo mail account, my website mail and Slashdot. I check the usual forums of BlueGartrLS and Limit Break Radio. Nothing happened as usual. Turn on Final Fantasy XI and sit idle waiting for some shout to come by for something I want to do. I never usually get one. I look at some jobs at my usual career sites and fill out countless applications, but always get rejected because of going to school or something of the like. Check the forums again. Check my personals. Oogle a bit over some women who I know would think I’m too weird to date. Close the window and dismiss it. Start cooking my only meal for the day, which is only one of five things. Browse some image boards. Get the urge to code something massive, start it, get barely done writing the algorithm and stop again. Start eating the cooked meal. Fire up the TV to play a video game of some sort that isn’t XI. Put the game down and play some XI. Go back to the other game. Turn off the game and fire up some anime I really need to watch that hasn’t been watched. Pause it every five seconds to do something else. Code. Complain to myself about the decaying state of my dirty apartment. Pick up a couple things. Plop back at the command station. Watch more of that anime. Check my bank account balance. Pay my bills if they exist. Play XI some more. Finally finish the meal 8 hours later. Wind down to the end of the day with an aggressive game. Watch some hentai and get off to it. Clean up the mess. Change back into my sleeping clothes. Restlessly toss and turn in bed thinking about the idea of no girl is in it with me until I pass out.


Offbeat things:
Sunday and Thursday 6PM-11PM: Dynamis (XI event)
Thursday 8AM-8:30AM: Shower
Thursday 9AM-1:30PM and Friday 6PM-8PM: College.

Am I complaining? No. I have a good time with this and wouldn’t trade it for much. Though, I just had to examine what I do during a day. I kinda wish I had more people I identified very well with that I could talk to regularly, didn’t have to go to bed alone and could have normal conversation without swearing or bringing up something perverted.

Oh. One more thing in the offbeat section.

Saturday to Wednesday 5PM-2AM: My new job. I’m sure a lot of folks would be proud right about now.

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  1. Heyo. Sounds pretty much like my life.