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Before the convention

Lately I have been doing a lot of work and pay jobs.  Been very busy with myself and what goes on. I have taken a well needed break from Final Fantasy XI to relax and do other things, mainly, watch my massive backlog of anime. I’ve got tons of it and not as much time as I’d like to watch it. I plowed though some Moon Phase and Hellsing Ultimate lately, but that’s about it. I helped out a friend of mine (Kagome) by tutoring her in math for five hours a couple weeks ago so she could pass her exam, but she dissapeared the day of the exam and showed up two weeks later to tell me she passed. I felt good about myself knowing I could once again teach like I used to.

I got my folks to go to the National Technical Honor Society cerimony. Unfortunately my sister, having a total lack of the concept of time, made us show up absurdly late and I was damned mad because of it. It’s not just her too, my father sabatoged my car some time ago. Why? Hell if I know. That really pissed me off and now I want even less to do with him.

But let’s get off the subject of how much my family sucks and get back onto something more interesting. Anime of course. I’ve finished Escaflowne and Moon Phase, now I’m working on finishing up Girls Bravo just so it’s done. I’ve also purchased the following: Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (got only first two disks, rest are inbound at release), the rest of Ai Yori Aoshi (including Enishi), Hanaukyo Maid Team La Verite, Hand Maid May, Serial Experiments Lain, Mahormatic (including Something More Beautiful), Maburaho, the rest of Gundam SEED Destiny and the limited edition box set of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. How much did I spend on all of the above? $200. Damn I love good deals. But this is hardly where it ends. In two days is the spectical of the summer. I of course am talking about Otakon 2007. This year looks promising to be a very good time. I’m going with a girl, going to have a lot of time this year (won’t have to leave early Sunday), meeting a bunch of other folks (Mostly from the Limit Break Radio crew) and hopefuly get something snazzy from the dealers’ room. I’m looking foward to a good time. Expect daily updates from me.