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Messing with the real money traders

Now I’m sure you all know how much I love Final Fantasy XI. One thing I hate about it are real money traders. For those of you who don’t know, they trade real money for in game goods and services. Anything from accounts to gil to extremely valuble items. This problem is repeatedly crushed by the RMT Special Task force. Lately though, since the RMTs have no high level accounts to use, they turn to buying accounts or more apropriately, cheating players out of their accounts by asking to rent them and permanently taking them. So anyway, some woman from China sends me an IM trying to start up casual conversation, I knew it was an RMT, so I took it and ran with it.

[21:20:45] lucyonmyway: hello
[21:54:27] Zero: ?
[21:54:43] lucyonmyway: hello
[21:54:51] lucyonmyway: this is lucy]
[21:54:57] Zero: Yeah, do I know you?
[21:55:09] lucyonmyway: maybe you dont know me
[21:55:12] lucyonmyway: i added u
[21:55:33] Zero: Right…
[21:55:58] lucyonmyway: do you mind this
[21:56:07] Zero: I’m confused, how’d you get my SN?
[21:56:51] lucyonmyway: i got your addr from the forum of FFXI and then i added u as my friend
[21:56:54] lucyonmyway: do you mind this
[21:57:05] Zero: Not really…but which one?
[21:57:43] lucyonmyway: FFXIclopedia Forum
[21:57:45] lucyonmyway: this one
[21:59:58] lucyonmyway: there
[22:00:16] Zero: I hate that place.
[22:00:32] Zero: Bunch of money grubbing administrators.
[22:00:52] lucyonmyway: hehe
[22:00:56] lucyonmyway: where are you from
[22:01:03] Zero: Fairy.
[22:01:12] lucyonmyway: im from china
[22:01:34] Zero: …right.
[22:01:55] lucyonmyway: where are you from
[22:02:48] lucyonmyway: there
[22:03:23] Zero: I said Fairy.
[22:03:55] lucyonmyway: fairy
[22:03:57] lucyonmyway: what do you mean
[22:04:05] lucyonmyway: i asked you where are you from
[22:04:12] Zero: And I gave you the answer.
[22:04:39] lucyonmyway: fairy where is it
[22:04:51] Zero: It’s a world.
[22:05:43] lucyonmyway: hehe
[22:05:52] lucyonmyway:  do you play FFXI? 
[22:07:18] lucyonmyway: there
[22:07:35] Zero: I don’t play FFXI. I live in it.
[22:08:36] lucyonmyway: i think you are someone who dont belong to the world
[22:09:11] Zero: Perhaps, I’ve been stuck in this game for five years and the only way I can communicate is through IM.
[22:09:24] Zero: I can’t log out or anything…
[22:10:26] lucyonmyway: ah i see
[22:10:38] lucyonmyway:  now you dont play FFXI any more?
[22:11:20] Zero: I don’t play it, I’m just looking for a way to log out and get back to the real world again. I wonder how my body is doing…
[22:11:42] lucyonmyway: ah i see
[22:11:50] lucyonmyway: you addict to this game
[22:12:03] Zero: No, I’m IN THE GAME.
[22:12:12] Zero: I can’t get out!
[22:12:22] lucyonmyway: may i ask you one question?
[22:13:00] lucyonmyway: may i know what level and what class of your FFXI?
[22:13:29] Zero: I’m everything. I’ve never lived a day outside this game since it started so I leveled every job.
[22:14:23] lucyonmyway: WOW  you are so cool
[22:17:44] lucyonmyway: may i ask one question
[22:17:57] lucyonmyway: would you like to rent your acc to me i pay you money
[22:18:33] Zero: I don’t even know my ID or password anymore since I’m stuck in the game! I can’t even logout!
[22:19:29] lucyonmyway: it is pity, you lose one way to earn moeny
[22:19:33] lucyonmyway: money
[22:19:53] Zero: Money isn’t important! I have 25Million Gil! Just get me out of the damned game!
[22:20:19] lucyonmyway: i can get you  out of the game
[22:20:28] lucyonmyway: just rent your acc to me and you will get our
[22:20:29] Zero: /logout and /shutdown don’t work!
[22:20:30] lucyonmyway: out
[22:20:41] Zero: I don’t know my ID or Password! That doesn’t help!
[22:21:48] lucyonmyway: why you dont know your id and your password
[22:22:07] Zero: I’ve been stuck in the game for five years with no way out!
[22:23:01] lucyonmyway: ok
[22:23:10] lucyonmyway: i know you like the game so much
[22:23:23] Zero: I hate this game! I can’t get out!
[22:23:58] lucyonmyway: if you like to rent it to e
[22:23:59] lucyonmyway: me
[22:24:03] Zero: I can’t!
[22:24:06] lucyonmyway: i show you my pic
[22:24:28] Zero: And the voices! They won’t stop!
[22:24:54] lucyonmyway: you yourself stop
[22:25:15] Zero: Uh, what?
[22:25:58] lucyonmyway: you said they wont stop ,so i told you you stop yourself
[22:26:33] Zero: The voices in my head won’t go away.
[22:27:16] lucyonmyway: you rent your acc to me and i show you my pic
[22:27:29] lucyonmyway: i promise you will forget the voices quickly
[22:31:49] Zero: I can’t give you my information! I forgot it!
[22:32:07] lucyonmyway: just try to remember ok
[22:32:13] lucyonmyway: i really want u to see me
[22:34:29] Zero: Do you have catears and a tail?
[22:34:56] lucyonmyway: what do you mean catear and a tail?
[22:35:05] Zero: Are a nekomimi?
[22:35:39] lucyonmyway: what do you mean
[22:35:51] Zero: I mean, are you a catgirl?
[22:36:23] lucyonmyway: im a girl
[22:37:05] Zero: I bet you are. That’s what all girls on the internet say.
[22:37:27] lucyonmyway: would you like to rent your acc to me
[22:37:36] Zero: I can’t!
[22:39:03] lucyonmyway: so dont ask me anything

Thanks to Striker of CLS for the idea of using the plot from .hack//Sign to royaly screw with this woman. As for real Final Fantasy XI update, well, have a look at these images:


I also think this Sean fellow is really Tom or something. Which is funny, since he seems to be proud that he got his car reposessed. That’s all for now.

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I don’t care. If you have to waste your time trolling my blog like a pathetic little boy, I feel sorry for your bloodline and hope social Darwinism takes it’s toll on you.

But let’s make this post interesting and classic! It’s time for a Final Fantasy XI update!  Hoorah!  So lately I’ve been doing the subjob thing again. All that remains are five levels of Samurai, twelve of Monk and Puppetmaster. Things are looking good. I’m also seriously leveling my Corsair up to somewhere because I was asked to. Next level I can get my Trump Gun. I think it’ll be good.

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Mission Complete

Two games to talk about. First I’ll go over Final Fantasy XI just because I feel like it. Chains of Promathia has been completed by me. By far the storyline for this mission set is the best Final Fantasy XI had to offer to me. With it’s completion I have really kicked some ass and I enjoyed being able to wear the title “Averter of the Apocolypse”. After finishing the story and seeing the original Tavnazia, or what’s left of it, was pretty majestic. Thumbs up to SquareEnix for a beautiful story and a challenging series. After claiming my Rajas Ring, I returned to Aht Urghan and sometime later I have been treated to a new version update. A few of the big things that hit me were the upgrade of two-handed weapons, new missions and the addition of zero EXP penalty on charmed monsters when using Beastmaster. Breaking them down, two-handed weapons were very unpopular in XI before this update hit. Pretty much everyone and their mother was some sort of Warrior/Ninja with two blades of some sort. Now, the whole thing has been thrown for a loop and two handed weapons are now drasticaly more powerful. Dark Knights, Samurai and Dragoons are now suddenly excessively powerful again with greater accuracy, attack and the addition of grips adding special effects to weapons. I have one grip for my Black Mage’s use for one Intelegence, but it’s not that great of an update for mages yet. The new missions were spectacular, though, not as good as Chains of Promathia. I had done the first one which involves way too much of a headache. Basicly too many mobs that don’t sleep very well and not enough people knowing what to do. After about five tries, we finaly got our heads in the game and romped everything. Okay, people had to go now and it’s like, meh. There’s one more fight. I want done with this. Finaly I got to it. The party had a Ninja/Dark Knight as our tank, I figured, well, this can’t be that bad can it? Meh. We tried and failed a couple times and finaly we moved on to Alexander himself. Now, he’s got defense that puts most everything to shame. We’re just trying to damage him and we all get wiped. Meh. We get up again and decide to go with the “Go for broke” strategy. The Ninja kicks on Souleater. Alexander starts loosing life faster than I can keep up. I franticaly cure him for more damage and finaly Alexander falls. Wow. Aparently Souleater is wonderful against him. Anyway, I completed the missions, was massively dissapointed with the second to last scene and chose Ulthalam’s Ring. Oh well, it was good to a point. I got promoted to Chief Sergeant as an assault rank. Great. That’s about it for Final Fantasy XI.

Onto a new game. I decided to treat myself to something nice and purchased Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Man it is such a great game. The controls are fluid when you get how to use them and the game is generaly fun to play. Lots of places to go, interesting stories to learn of many and generaly interesting concepts. I enjoy the addition of hypermode to the whole thing and it certianly adds a new bonus to ass kicking. See, for sacrificing 100 health you get an enhanced shot that moves very quickly, does a gross ammount of damage and when charged you spray the shot like a drill with similar power. In addition, you’re invincible. Now you must be asking yourself, how in hell is this not overpowered? Well, okay. While in this mode, you have a single gague that is your replacement energy bar. When you shoot enough shots and this depleats, you are thrown back into normal mode. If you are in this mode long enough, corruption sets in and the bar regenerates. When the bar becomes completely full when being corrupted, you get a game over as the Phazon in your body takes over and basicly you die. If this is used properly, it can be a serious advantage and really kicks ass. After my first play through on normal mode I found it a bit too easy in places. I had died three times in the whole thing. Once to Terminal Corruption and the other two times to just getting overpowered. Now that I’m doing veteran, I’m really enjoying myself. Challenging yet easy and so much more. Overall, I like this game sofar. The story is kinda, meh, but the gameplay is amazing. That’s all for now folks.

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Good feelings

You know, there’s an irreplaceable feeling you can get when all your bills are paid, your kitchen is well stocked and your car has a full tank of gas. I dunno, but it’s made my mood much better. Now if only I’d be willing to clean up my apartment. Heh. Fat chance of that happening, but you never know me. It could very well happen sometime in the future. Other than that, school is winding down this quarter and I have an awesome idea for a final project for Composition II and it’s going to involve me insulting people for three minutes, playing video games for another ten or so then trying to explain what just happened to the masses. Now that sounds like fun eh? Of course. I’m so ingenious. Calculus I think I’m starting to understand again and C++ II? Forget it. I’m a frigging natural.

I did something unnatural for myself last weekend (well, of the fourth) and went outside for extended periods of time. Heh. Okay, I went to Enchanted Forest Water Safari. I had an okay time. I mean, I don’t really like it that much in the first place, but it was a chance to actually do something summer-like this season. I went with Jonathan Stopchick, Jonathan Chambers and a few others of Caffeinated Lifestyle (again). They made it worth going, but otherwise, it was like any other experience at the water park, a bit boring. Simply put, they say there are thirty water rides. Right. That’s probably if you count every slide, every lane and even the kiddie rides. I swear I spent more time in line than wet. We were about to drive back when I noticed something. The one lens of my glasses popped out and I didn’t have my toolkit. Unable to adjust to the lack of a lens, I drove all the way back to Whitesboro blind. The scariest part about it was I made it without too much effort or headaches. Then after Johnny and the gang got some food, we went back to his place, watched The Princess Diaries and crashed. Woke up, played a few games, ate cold pizza (it’s the perfect breakfast treat! No wait, that’s Ramen) and then headed home. I didn’t really like the sleeping arrangement because, well, it’s a twin mattress with age. I slept horribly. When I got home I crawled into my full sized plush top mattress (it’s a Sealy) and crashed again, waking up much more rested and relaxed. But I woke up to a big surprise. The sunscreen didn’t work and all over my shoulders, upper chest and back was burnt. I hate sunburn, not so much the peeling part, but if it’s in a bad place it makes things such as sleeping or sitting in my throne very painful. I think I should hang out with them more often. It was good fun and wasn’t as expensive as I was thinking (a pass is $25 for a day).

Onto XI. I haven’t spoken about that in a while. Lately I’ve somewhat blitzed my way through the Chains of Promatha missions and got myself sea access. *Insert a remix of the level up theme here.* I’m on 8-2 now, but I really wish I could get some of my sea items like the relaxing earring. I tried Limbus for the first time on Saturday and I think it’s not that bad, though I definitely want to do that on my White Mage from now on. Just like Dynamis, I seem to die way too much on Black Mage and frankly we had two White Mages for the whole run and that didn’t seem like enough after getting spike flailed. I got three coins out of the deal, only two-hundred and twenty-two left until I get everything I want from coins alone. Add in the want of some Artifact Armor +1 and it’s probably more like three-hundred or so. I also got my next promotion for my mercenary rank, though I doubt the term “Sergeant Major” means much to anyone who hasn’t played the game. But the minigames to get there were a real pain. The first one involves pushups and seeing which one did the least. Well, it wasn’t that hard and I nailed that one on the spot. As for the sit-ups one, well, seeing Abquhbah in his panties was really disgusting for a training session, though I thought it was funny as hell the way Naja Salaheem handles this poor bastard. The last part was the worst. I thought I had it right the first time, but no, he said one guy was falling behind. You have to retry the next Vana’diel day, which is about an hour. Hour after hour, day after day. It took me about seven tries before I even nailed it. Whatever.

I’m tired. I need to go sleep or something here at work.

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Most are lucky to have one…

So. ITT Technical Institute of Liverpool, New York decided to have a “once and for all” video game tournament of champions. It was open to everyone (not just the students) and provided a varriety of games to play which I enjoyed a lot. Dance Dance Revolution: Supernova (PS2), Street Fighter II (Genesis), Goldeneye 007 (N64), Mario Kart: Double Dash (GCN), Madden NFL (PS2), Halo 2 (Xbox) with Mike Tyson’s Punch-out (NIN) as a game to play for free pizza (Beat it without using a single continue to win, nobody got this). In addition, you could play DDR:S against Chris Balcum (better known as Sherl0k) and win you also got a free Pizza. The turnout was 17 players broken up into four teams. The teams went around to each game and played it under a pre-determined set of rules. I belive our group started with DDR:S where I crushed the competition with a song that seemed like nothing but corners (for those of you who don’t know, it’s like having a left and an up at once, or a right and a down at the same time.) I had great fun there. Then we moved onto Street Fighter and my girl Chun-li. Her speed and reach was my forte and I was flying around my opponents in circles with crusing blows. Oddly enough, I don’t remember any of her specials (other than hundred kicks, tap any button) but still won. After that was Goldeneye. Oh man, nostalgia. I guess all the time playing Perfect Dark payed off with an 10 to 3 victory (Rule was first to ten). Next up was Mario Kart: Double Dash. While I played and beat this game heavily back in my day, I wasn’t a big fan of it. With two wins and two second place finishes, I won this round. Next up was Madden. *Groan* I’ve never played this before, but took myself with the “All Time Buffalo Bills” against the “All Time Dallas Cowboys”. Now this isn’t somewhat reminicent of a paticular set of “big games” (supposedly it’s illegal to say the championchip game’s name by NFL’s standards). Anyway, I lost by missing an extra point making the game 13 to 7. He scores and gets the point. The game at that point is over. Okay, first loss. No big deal. I have to win only three tournaments to win the prize. Being knocked out of one on the first round won’t kill me. Then it was Halo 2. I figure, let’s see how well I can do. Two teams played this game in a round and I managed to get in the top bracket of four with fourth place excactly. Meh. I can’t do FPS in an insane manner without a keyboard and mouse. I’m not used to controlers that well. So that was round one of all games. Pizza provided by Papa Johns and plenty of Mountain Dew refueled me for more action, dubbed round two.

So we started with DDR:S again. I don’t remember how this one went but I know I romped everyone in it. One tournament down with me standing at the top of the podium. Second was Street Fighter II. First up was me against Blanka and I was Chun-li again. He kept complaining about not remembering how to play. I romped him in the first best of three, he went to Dalshim and I continued the tradition of wasting. But the real spectical was the final round in the brackets. Man was this a good fight. My opponent was M. Bison. I won one, he won one. We got down to literarly the last fight of the last best of three with slivers of health. I unfortunately did not win this. I thought it was great though. I had now a second place finish under my belt. Next we moved onto Goldeneye again. This was won by me with a score of 18 with the next person scoring a 13 and the lowest of a two (Ten minute timer). Two wins, one second place. If I could win Double Dash, I would have it, which I did with a clean sweep and four wins. Next was Madden. I didn’t watch it, so I went to eat more. Last was Halo 2. I got romped getting in 6th place out of eight.

Now to tally points. First place finishes were worth 5 points. Second were 4 and going down. I ended with 19. Next place was 14. I won. Now I’ve been teasing you as to what it was that I won and to tell you the truth, you will find it on eBay soon. (Too many people were just like “Give it to me!” and I wouldn’t mind a cash bonus in my wallet) I got an ITT Tech tee (one of now three), a magnet, some coupons to gamecrazy, another carbinere and…

A second Nintendo Wii. What the hell baby.

Two Wiis!

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Otakon 2007

July 19th, 2007, 5:00AM, Hancock International Airport.
Weather: 20 Degrees C, Cloudy
Subtitle: Delays, Changes and big headaches.

Yesterday was my last day of hanging out with the ITT folks for the week. During that time, our instructor had a family emergency with his wife so we got class off. While we were waiting for him, I managed to get the SSH system to work so I could use the home network securely through ITT’s firewall and many other security measures. If I’m lucky, this will work absolutely everywhere, including heavily secured networks like banks and whatnot. Hell, it’s what I’m using right now to write this entry on my apartment computer (reminder, I’m at the airport). So anyway, I headed out from there and headed to Carousel Center to buy a present (more on that later). I get a call from Laura who is running the show for my hotel. Due to a discrepancy of some sort, our room got canceled. After me complaining quite a bit for it to be fixed, she comes back and we’re now paying about $80 less for the room, but there’s one extra person in it.

Oh well. So anyway, after it got sorted out, I was hanging outside of Victoria’s Secret. Unfortunately, I was like Hideki from Chobits. I had a nerve-wracking time trying to get in there without feeling weird. I walk in and am surrounded by a mess. The store was not kept well, lingerie was not organized well, on the floor, sticking out of weird places and it just felt, dirty. I guess. So I glanced around anyway. Some of the stuff in there was really sexy looking. I mean, I like what I saw, despite a poor presentation. So anyway, I walk up to the counter and get what I came for. And it happened again. “Can I help you find something miss?” Miss. MISS?! Does it look like I have boobs to you?! I didn’t really blow up like that, but I obviously thought it was funny. I replied with my signature, “I suggest you reconsider that statement” in a deep voice. She looks at me and says, “Oh. Well please accept my apologies. Are you looking for a gift card or something to wear?” I respond with the card then also think to myself, “This doesn’t make sense either. See, the counter where you put things and the pin-pad are on complete opposite sides of the point of sale machine. The winner? Not whoever designed this system. So anyway, I get my car and envelope, she then asks me if I’d like a bag. Now, it felt really weird at this point. I’m not sure what, but it just hit me. Then she finishes with “It’s really small and cute. Perfect for her.” I’m like, eh, why not. It may not be a bad way to present my gift. I get it, the bag and then head out. I stuff the bag into my laptop case to conceal it (I mean, I would of felt extremely weird with this tiny Victoria’s Secret bag going around for another half an hour). So I get home and claim my victory of being able to be in that store, alone and get my job done without freaking out or just breaking down by being surrounded by so much sex. I purchased this card, following seeing my dad commonly gets it as a gift. I talked to Maeve about it and she said it was a nice gift because it says to the girl I think you are hot. Personally, I thought of it like “it’s something you use anyway, so why not look/feel great with it?” After getting home, I decided that looking up the Wikipedia article for the store to see if there was anything interesting about it. Turns out the original concept for the store was not to cater to selling women’s underwear to women, but to men buying underwear for his wife or girlfriend. I thought this was an interesting concept, but dismissed the idea later thinking “it can’t be that way anymore. WAY too much pink and femininity roaming around to interest me or make me feel comfortable.”

So I got home and got a nap. Wasn’t too long, but it made me feel more prepared for the rest of the day. I got up, got to the bank for the cash, picked up some dinner, met James back at the apartment and watched the first disk of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. OH DAMN. It’s freaking wonderful. A fine anime, very funny, very energetic, has a decent “WTF?!” factor and has a good amount of fan service to keep the perverts (like me) entertained. I haven’t got a good chance to go through any of the special features yet though. I brought the included hair band with me for a laugh (going to see if Laura can get it tied to my hair properly.) Or I could try it myself. If I enter BWI with it on, it should be a dead giveaway what I’m there for. Then, I got the call. My flight has been canceled. No, it’s not the end of the world I am still going to get there. However, due to all this, I am connecting in a different place, arriving later but got some cash back for the problem. I don’t know if something’s happening at LGA (LaGuardia, New York City), or if it was just too under booked, but oh well. (Edit, about 6:20AM) Apparently, there was a steam pipe explosion in Manhattan. I think this could be the case, because I got the call about 10PM last night and the pipe seemed to have exploded only a short time before that. The fact that a steam pipe explosion causing the flights to the airport to be canceled doesn’t make tons of sense, but I suppose it can’t be helped. I’ve got about another 40 minutes until the boarding call is announced, I’m going to crack open my book: Just for Fun: The Story of an Accidental Revolutionary by Linus Torvalds, the inventor of LINUX. Well, maybe not. Something interesting just occurred to me. My cologne, in a steel case, a liquid, at 1.7 ounces GOT THROUGH security. I forgot I put it in there. The hell.

July 20th, 2007, 1:39PM, Baltimore Convention center, Room 340.
Weather: 34 Degrees C, Sunny
Subtitle: And it begins.

Last night I finally got in. I decided to wait for Sarah instead of heading on. I did, meet her for the first time and I thought it was cool. She destroyed one of her toes and had a hard time walking. Oh well. We got on the rail and headed out to the convention center, put down our bags at the hotel and got in line for the pre-registration. As expected, the speed of their service kept us in line for only about an hour. After that we met up with Laura and got into the hotel. I’m not completely happy with my roommates, but at least they’re not serial killers (Sarah thinks they are.) We had two couples from upstate New York. They all seemed a bit too friendly with each other and that annoyed me, knowing me and Sarah couldn’t do anything remotely that interesting with each other. Anyway, we went to the dinner and found that a total of four people showed up, not including us. They (as in Uno’s) didn’t seek to keep our reservation. So we got some free appetizers for the gig. Anyway, after that we headed back to the hotel, I crashed, Sarah stayed up a bit, writing in pain.

Today, I got up at 9AM naturally. Go figure. I got into the bathroom without waking anyone, but ran into a problem. All their bathing suits are hanging up. Now the guy’s pants are fine. But the women’s two pieces made me cringe and hesitate. Oh well. I got all fresh and dressed, walked out of the room. Then I bumped into Sarah’s cot making a rather loud noise that woke everyone up. They all got up and I headed out to the convention. I ran into Frice in the game room, looked around and started pwning some n00bs at Wii sports. Damn that was fun, but in the process I destroyed my left arm, making it almost useless for days. I headed out again and walked up to Shiatsu Massage, which is where I am now. Hopefully Sarah will appreciate this, though I don’t have a demo partner to try it all out on. I guess its “good luck” from here on out.

July 20th, 2007, 6:16PM, Marriott Renaissance Harborplace Hotel, Room 8088.
Weather: 34 Degrees C, Sunny
Subtitle: Disappointed.

So I’m sitting in the hotel room with Sarah right now and she’s complaining about her toe and being sick. Now she wants to go home early. I personally am not happy right now. I was hoping for a decent weekend with a friend, not something that reminded me of how my sister acted on a previous trip. She tried to get her flight rescheduled for $400. I was expecting a minor fee; say $40, but not $400. But that aside, I think she’s just taking the coward’s way out. I thought she should have got some sleep (she stayed up really late last night) and figure it out in the morning, but she’s taking this way too hard. I think she now has a train she can take back later tonight. I’m worried for her, don’t get me wrong, but unhappy.

Let’s move on. I got in line for Fred Gallagher for a drawing of Largo for my book and asked him a couple questions. I showed him the picture of him and Gordon Freeman, he thought it was amusing plus he said he had a friend who worked for Valve. Really funny. So I moved on and asked him about a new version of the website. He responded by someone was already working on it, but thanks for the offer. Either way, I’m glad that’s done.

July 21st, 2007, 4:12PM, Baltimore Convention Center, Pratt Street Lobby.
Weather:  35 Degrees C, Sunny
Subtitle: The next morning.

Well, I’m back and feeling pretty decent. This morning I hooked up with Jonathan Stopchick of Caffeinated Lifestyle and talked quite a bit to him. I got some pictures with him and some myself and we were a decent crowd. I got a flower from an Aeris as a joke, still hanging out of my camera bag. I basically went around the dealers’ room, found nothing I was looking for, (The starter box set to Gundam SEED Destiny Volume 1 and something from Watsuki(a)) came back up here and sat down because my legs and back really hurt from all this running around. For some creepy reason Johnny wanted a picture in my Kimono, so you’ll get to see that when I return home. Oddly enough I haven’t watched a single thing of anime today. I will go to fan parodies tonight because, despite my hate for Neon Genesis Evangelion, Evangelion: Redeath is absolutely hilarious.

Kimono pictures:


I am ready to serve you my mistress…

 I am ready to serve you my mistress...

And one that I took (This is Johnathan Stopchick by the way). BEHOLD! THE DEW!!!

July 21st, 2007, 12:47PM, Ballroom 2, Baltimore Convention Center.
Weather: 30, Degrees C, Partly Cloudy
Subtitle: And on the last day…

Last night I took a nap from 6:00PM to 8:12PM. I got some extremely bad pizza to eat, I mean, it wasn’t even completely cooked. Then I went to the rave for the fist time ever in my Otakon history. Well, I felt like a complete moron. Hell, watching Phil made me feel embarrassed. I walked around, bobbed my head a bit and went around in some “conga” lines. Overall it was okay, but I was kind of bummed I lost my Aeris Flower. I went to see Evangelion: Redeath Redux again and thought it was as kick ass as usual. After that I went to see Fencer of Minerva which was a pretty cheap hentai anime, but who cares about that. The crowd was the thing to see. Think of it this way: “Take it off!”, “Just put it in!”, “Boobies!”, “Meow!” and “Awe, come on!” were common to say every five minutes. I thought that was great. I didn’t finish watching it because I was too tired. I came back to the hotel and crashed.

This morning I got up kind of late, packed up and came back to the convention center to pick up a couple of things I missed. First was a tee for a friend, then I wanted a Megatokyo polo, but they were out so I went back to the Otakon booth and got one from there. Finally, I can wear my Otakudom at work and still conform to most dress codes. I ran into Johnny Stopchick again and we got a group photo. I then went to “Ultimate Anime Shop” and asked around to see if they had anything by Miss Watsukia. It turns out they didn’t but the owner of the booth said she recognized her art. I’m going to bother her online for it later. For some reason she gave me one of those advertising gifts, which was a condom. I thought that was ridiculously funny, apart from “free air” (Molex Productions) and bag of tissues (J-list). I am now sitting in Panel 4, waiting for the closing ceremony and the most important thing of all: next year’s dates for the convention. I don’t want the headache of finding a room at the last possible moment, so I want to do this early. So far I know Phil will be coming and joining me in the room, that’s two of a possible five or six. *Gurgle* I’m hungry. *Pulls out some chips and starts munching.*

July 21st, 2007, 7:08PM, Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport.
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Subtitle: Going home.

No problems here. Just hanging out in BWI, talking to someone I met on the way here and enjoying myself. The Otakon dates for 2008 are August 8th, 9th and 10th. I think that’s cool. I’ll be reserving a hotel at Days Inn on the 15th of August, 2007 or at the Holiday Inn in September 2007. I can’t wait to be home so I can relax and get some real sleep and a shower before work at 9AM EDT in Utica again. Here’s a crew picture for great justice:

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Subtitle: Afterthoughts.

I thought I had a good time at the convention, though I would have hoped Sarah would enjoy it with me. In either case, I haven’t exactly got the heads up on the latest and greatest in anime slated for the states, but I did have a good time. Between the rave, pictures, fan service (personal story), hentai and food, I enjoyed my time there. No major complaints stood out in my mind, though I wasn’t really sure what to expect being out of the community for so long. Next year, I bring more cash for the dealer’s room.

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Subtitle: Pictures.

I didn’t take many pictures because I had Johnny do most of the work. Here’s a big slab of them:

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Before the convention

Lately I have been doing a lot of work and pay jobs.  Been very busy with myself and what goes on. I have taken a well needed break from Final Fantasy XI to relax and do other things, mainly, watch my massive backlog of anime. I’ve got tons of it and not as much time as I’d like to watch it. I plowed though some Moon Phase and Hellsing Ultimate lately, but that’s about it. I helped out a friend of mine (Kagome) by tutoring her in math for five hours a couple weeks ago so she could pass her exam, but she dissapeared the day of the exam and showed up two weeks later to tell me she passed. I felt good about myself knowing I could once again teach like I used to.

I got my folks to go to the National Technical Honor Society cerimony. Unfortunately my sister, having a total lack of the concept of time, made us show up absurdly late and I was damned mad because of it. It’s not just her too, my father sabatoged my car some time ago. Why? Hell if I know. That really pissed me off and now I want even less to do with him.

But let’s get off the subject of how much my family sucks and get back onto something more interesting. Anime of course. I’ve finished Escaflowne and Moon Phase, now I’m working on finishing up Girls Bravo just so it’s done. I’ve also purchased the following: Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (got only first two disks, rest are inbound at release), the rest of Ai Yori Aoshi (including Enishi), Hanaukyo Maid Team La Verite, Hand Maid May, Serial Experiments Lain, Mahormatic (including Something More Beautiful), Maburaho, the rest of Gundam SEED Destiny and the limited edition box set of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. How much did I spend on all of the above? $200. Damn I love good deals. But this is hardly where it ends. In two days is the spectical of the summer. I of course am talking about Otakon 2007. This year looks promising to be a very good time. I’m going with a girl, going to have a lot of time this year (won’t have to leave early Sunday), meeting a bunch of other folks (Mostly from the Limit Break Radio crew) and hopefuly get something snazzy from the dealers’ room. I’m looking foward to a good time. Expect daily updates from me.

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Road trip of sorts

So Friday my dad calls me up out of nowhere. He says, hey buddy (one of my really old nicknames), I just got promoted to Plant Manager. My reaction is a simple “WHAT?!” that even the guys on Skype heard. So I put the Skype call on hold and we talk a bit about it. He then mentions they were going to have a celebratory dinner that Sunday. Now I’m thinking, what in the world would make me want to drive out to Utica for that? So I pondered a bit thinking of motivation. I came up with, “I haven’t seen Maeve in a while and I’ve wanted to get back with some of the old Whitesboro crew (who weren’t total fucking retards).” I call her up, we discuss it and it’s decided I’d show up before I went to dinner that night. I figure, cool. We’d get together and maybe do something fun.

First off, I haven’t the damnedest clue where Morrisville is. So I figure I’d pull up Yahoo maps and figure it out from there. Ok, an hour to get there. Not bad. I call her up Sunday morning and she was still in bed from pulling the night shift. I said call me when you’re more awake. She does that afternoon so I get on the road over to where she is. I get off the thruway (I-90 in this case) and start taking a few roads to the college. After about ten minutes the only thing I could think of was: “Did I die and move out to farm/cow country?” seriously. So this is what the rest of New York State does. Farms, trees and cattle as far as the eye can see and then some. So I ended up at the school and one of the first things I say to Maeve was, “You couldn’t of picked a more out of the way college could you?” I thought that was marginally funny. To be perfectly honest, it’s like the town lives for the college.

But as I was there we kinda yapped about random things (such as how it’s always windy down there), sat on the trunk of her car, walked around, hung out in her room and listened to music. We talked about seemingly random things and found out there are more things we have in common than I originally knew. I called my dad around 4 and it turns out nobody was showing anyway. Though, the only real bonding we got to do was a goodbye hug as I headed out.

I got home and just felt really pissed at myself. There were so many things I wanted to talk to her about. Like her boyfriend (about what she sees in him, I don’t know him), if she was going to hold up her promise (won’t explain this one, personal) and the truth about what she said to me before. See, I’ve been having these thoughts going through my head recently about my rejection and someone brought to my attention later “Well maybe she doesn’t like you.” This was really a put down and I couldn’t figure it out. Would she lie to me for my own good and why? I couldn’t figure myself out. I turned in early.

I woke up the next morning and took out some frustrations in XI. I earned Level 75 Black Mage (finaly) but have not capped my buffer yet (I’d say it’s about 10K out from it). I was feeling sleepy again so I went and took a nap. I got up again and Johnathan Stopchick was there, so since she knew her I struck conversation with him about her. He basically gave me some insight on her and said one thing. “Rationalize it.” He said to make a list of stuff I like about her, not opinions. I think I’m going to do this. I don’t know how I feel about chasing her anymore.

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Fall of the Zilart

It’s been a wonderful few days in XI. I’ve managed to get more done in the past few days than in the past few weeks. First up was Divine Might. Yeah, I know, I could of done the six player version and been done with it, but I decided I wanted my damned earring already. So I joined a mostly manaburn group for this. I get there, the leading Red Mage who supposedly had done this before was level 68 and to be perfectly honest, I don’t believe she had done this before. Her strategy was: Tarutaru (everyone starts with him), Galka (Moderately common), Hume (Totally retarded), Mithra (Too late), Elvaan (Give or take one). She said that the Hume would be manageable if we chainstun it (Didn’t work). We go in, wipe the floor with the Tarutaru, go after the Galka, get our asses handed to us and then wipe in bad places. Though, one of the kiters literally left the BCNM after taking his mob to the entrance area of the BC, so we kinda had a mob running rampant. We get up, attack the Galka with a blast of mana, destroy it then wipe again. Basicly, we’re already out of time. We all get up and get ejected. I finally take my stand, say, “This is wrong.” and took over the next orb’s run. Some people had to go, others stayed and we got a little more firepower. I started with the same basic strategy. Tarutaru dies first (see above), Mithra goes second (Squishy, Pet problem), Galka goes next (Walking brick, Pet problem), planned wipe on the stairs, Elvaan next (Benediction would annoy the crap out of us if the Hume was around) and Hume last to avoid sheer destruction from Mijin Gakure. So it went incredibly well. We defeated the Tarutaru easily, moved on to the Mithra and took her out without much trouble. The Galka was next. I was drained, though I got a couple shots off. We defeated him, I called for the wipe and we did with a tad of resistance. I look at the clock. 17 Minutes left. We’re rocking this. We get all set to go, I organize a combined hit against the Elvaan, set our Ninjas into play with a call for enmity bonus gear, while a pair of Summoners annoyed the Hume a while. We got her down to half, she kicked on Benediction but that didn’t stop us. We wiped her clearly and were on our way to victory. The Hume was returned and all 18 players unloaded all the firepower they had in a glorious bomb. At roughly ten percent, he blew up. Almost nobody felt it. Mages kicked on the manafont and we successfully won the fight.

My heart was pumping. I was stressed. Why? I just lead a complete group of strangers into Divine Might with a zero and five record and won. That was sickeningly good. I finished the cut scenes, got a picture of some of the people who went and got my Bushinomimi and went back to Whitegate. While I was there I saw someone shout for mission 16. I thought, cool, let’s do it. I came on White Mage and we didn’t do very well. The Black Mage, like a retard kept killing all the orbitals. They respawn quickly and basically killed us all. We managed to get past stage one, but even Barneyrubble (the trooper Paladin he is) couldn’t keep up with it. We all died, we all had to home point. After looking at my EXP gague I realized I’m about ten-thousand EXP below my cap. I thought I’d need to EXP for it back, so I did. Got it, got some merits to boot and felt better. The next day (Monday) the person who shouted for the mission asked me if I wanted to try again. I said sure and he asked for my 71 Black Mage. I figure, that’s ok, I can rip out some damage and help more that way. We already had one kick ass White Mage (even better armed than me), a second Black Mage, Barney was now Paladin Ninja because of the enemy using pretty much nothing but Ancient Magic and the Ranger (the shouter) and a Monk. We end up getting there, the Monk was horribly trailing behind because of going away from his station, so we go without him. We did way better this time, though I got out of the BC dead and had to Home Point again. Bleh. So I went to EXP my Black Mage. That’s 72 now. That’s about all that’s gone on. I did manage to do some Audio/Visual work for the first time since high school and got paid decently for it. That’s about all for now.

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Yeah. Great number of things to catch up on. I’ll get to the tile a bit later because that’s marginally recent. First up, let’s do the standard Final Fantasy XI update. I’ve taken every job to level 20 or further and this includes Beastmaster at 23. Ladies and gentlemen, Valkurm Dunes is no longer a place I need to be in to level. All jobs have had their grueling time in “The Den of Evil” and no longer need to be succumbed to the sheer n00bness of the popular place to level between 10 and 20. This makes me a very happy person. Quifm on the other hand, well, that’s next, but I have a more pressing concern at the moment involving my Black Mage earning level 75 (I’ve gotten it to 69 as of yesterday.) I guess that’s all that has happened there. Onto other video games.

First, Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door. Ok, I kinda liked it though it was boring and repetitive towards the end. I always seemed to have an abundance of money and it seemed rather easy but once you get to the final boss you get smacked in the face with difficulty. I mean really smacked. As in I epicly failed. I eventually beat it, but that wasn’t until I got three levels in the Pit of 100 Trials. On a scale of one to ten I would give it a 6.

Second, Command & Conquer 3: Tiberian Wars. Total disappointment. The game doesn’t work at all. Here’s the proof. COME ON! This has been a problem with the beta and it still hadn’t been fixed! Who in hell is in charge of the debug crew? I can’t play it on my new laptop but for some unknown reason it works perfectly fine on my box and my box fails the video card requirement! Ok, enough ranting. NEXT TOPIC!

I JUST SAVED A BUNCH OF MONEY ON MY CAR INSURANCE BY SWITCHING TO GEICO! Problem with that sentence? It’s true. I went from paying $209/month to $78/month. That’s nuts! It’s a savings of almost $1,500 a year! Skip you Nationwide. But the joke has kinda worn itself off. I’m in better shape with my new insurance policy.

Ok. Time to talk about the fire. Last Monday I was in my apartment and was thinking about dinner. I thought, frozen pizza. Cool. I take it out, unwrap it, turn up the oven, slap it in and minutes later I turn around to check it and there’s this cloud of smoke above the oven. I go over to it, turn it off, open it and realize I left the box from the last time I had pizza in there. On the top rack. Right next to the heating unit. Now, the temperature to cook the frozen pizza is 450. If anyone knows the book Fahrenheit 451, you’d know that it would be about the temperature it combusts. I open the door slightly, see the box is just charred, slam it shut to choke it, go for my oven mitts, fall over in my bed room gasping for air. I start opening windows to get the smoke out and look in the storeroom for a fire extinguisher but it’s no use. I look back in the oven to see if it’s fixed but we have a bigger problem. The box that was charred is now blazing. I shut the oven again to choke it. The smoke alarm goes off, my neighbor comes outside yelling “What the fuck?!” and then “Oh shit.” because there’s an actual smoke problem. We converse a little, I call 911 on his cell (I forgot my charger in Utica again), grab a pair of his gloves, rip the charred box out of the oven and throw it outside. We then grab some bowls and put out the box. The fire department comes down with two trucks and a SUV to deal with it, but the fire was out by the time they arrived. It was really a training session for the group. After a few words with us (it wasn’t about being more careful, it was about the smoke alarm we ripped the battery out of) the department airs out the apartment so it’s livable again and we head back in. I part ways with the neighbor, look inside the oven again and, ironicly, eat the pizza. It was done perfectly and didn’t taste at all like smoke. Something about that is funny, I think.

Well, I can’t think of anything else right now so I’ll be on my way.