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Before the convention

Lately I have been doing a lot of work and pay jobs.  Been very busy with myself and what goes on. I have taken a well needed break from Final Fantasy XI to relax and do other things, mainly, watch my massive backlog of anime. I’ve got tons of it and not as much time as I’d like to watch it. I plowed though some Moon Phase and Hellsing Ultimate lately, but that’s about it. I helped out a friend of mine (Kagome) by tutoring her in math for five hours a couple weeks ago so she could pass her exam, but she dissapeared the day of the exam and showed up two weeks later to tell me she passed. I felt good about myself knowing I could once again teach like I used to.

I got my folks to go to the National Technical Honor Society cerimony. Unfortunately my sister, having a total lack of the concept of time, made us show up absurdly late and I was damned mad because of it. It’s not just her too, my father sabatoged my car some time ago. Why? Hell if I know. That really pissed me off and now I want even less to do with him.

But let’s get off the subject of how much my family sucks and get back onto something more interesting. Anime of course. I’ve finished Escaflowne and Moon Phase, now I’m working on finishing up Girls Bravo just so it’s done. I’ve also purchased the following: Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (got only first two disks, rest are inbound at release), the rest of Ai Yori Aoshi (including Enishi), Hanaukyo Maid Team La Verite, Hand Maid May, Serial Experiments Lain, Mahormatic (including Something More Beautiful), Maburaho, the rest of Gundam SEED Destiny and the limited edition box set of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. How much did I spend on all of the above? $200. Damn I love good deals. But this is hardly where it ends. In two days is the spectical of the summer. I of course am talking about Otakon 2007. This year looks promising to be a very good time. I’m going with a girl, going to have a lot of time this year (won’t have to leave early Sunday), meeting a bunch of other folks (Mostly from the Limit Break Radio crew) and hopefuly get something snazzy from the dealers’ room. I’m looking foward to a good time. Expect daily updates from me.

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Living again

So I’m back and V2 is operational again. Took a while to get a new board because they weren’t going to offhand replace the one that died because they didn’t have anymore, so they had to wait for parts to fix the one I had. I called them up, said screw that and they sent me a new board with pretty much the same specs at the first. So I’m back again. Let’s see…stuff that’s happened since the last time… I got more anime again, a couple more disks of Moon Phase, finished Negima, got Hellsing Ultimate (finaly), Gundam SEED Destiny 7 (Wanted the Limited Edition t-shirt) and Escaflowne. I started picking up more Manga to read, got the first one of Tsubasa Chronicle (haven’t read it yet though) and read the first two of Hellsing. Hellsing is awesome. Dispite what I saw about the anime this is funny as hell. Certainly not what I was expecting.

In XI I got back in and decided to get back to my plans of getting every job out of Valkurm Dunes. Well, I’ve got three that still need to do their rounds. Corsair, Puppetmaster and Beastmaster. I have the feeling it will be an interesting road. I also found that Jack-o’-Lanterns are a wonderful food. Gotta get back to Besiged though.

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Haven’t excactly been in the mood to write

But I’ll grind something out. The question is where to start.

Let’s try my recent employment status. I call up that Monday to make sure things are going to be all happy happy. Yeah. They aparently filled my training class because I didn’t get back to them fast enough. They called me at 4:00 PM the Friday to tell me about the whole change that I’m going to interview and do a different job. Let’s be honest people. That is not reasonable enough time to do what they ask. So, in a nutshell, they interviewed me, offered me a position, did something retarded and then retracted their offer. Great. Went to ITT, talked it over with them and we’re figuring it out from there. I think I have an idea on my next job though, but I said to myself that if I can’t get a job by the end of the month I’m going back to working for FedEX untill something better comes along.

Next is school. For the next three or four weeks I think I’m going to be the only person in my C++ class while someone takes some time in the mental hospital and the other one just…well…hasn’t shown up in a while. If I’m lucky, one on one time with the instructor could yield me learning a great deal of extra stuff (get your head out of the gutter mate, that’s not what I meant). My grades are PHENOMENAL this quarter. Seriously good stuff.

For the hell of it, let me comment on my sister. Last Monday she quit her job, citing not getting enough hours as a manager and now seems to be accelerating plans to move away from Utica; to Syracuse no less. Damnit Dee, first rule about work. Don’t quit the job you have untill you have another one lined up. Second, don’t just go out and quit your job when you’re in serious debt. Finaly, don’t go chasing another boyfriend and move all the way out here for him. I know your track record. This won’t work.

I recently bought a new shelving unit for the apartment. I really needed the space for my now growing anime collection. It’s gawking how big it is now. Recent purchases include Girls Bravo 3-6, Ai Yori Aoshi, Chobits, Nadesico (all of it), Negima 1-4, Digi Charat, Perfect Blue, Moon Phase 1-2, Elfen Lied and to top it off all 18 disks of Cardcaptor Sakura. I’ll post a photo when I get a camera sometime.

I played and finished Twilight Princess for the Wii. One thing I loved about it was the fact that you used the remote for aiming projectiles. This allowed for run and gun strategies to suceed more often where Z targeting was not an option. The control style was incredibly slick. Using the remote and nunchuck to do the work was genius. Though, I really wanted to see the usual left-handed link, I still say I enjoyed the game. The story was good, controls were beautiful, gameplay was fun and exciting and a lot of situations really made me think. That being said, the epiologe was the only thing that kinda bothered me. The game just kinda…stops. No real after information about certain characters and where they go from there, only a few clips of random places that seem back in order. Though, I will say a couple things, one being Princess Zelda. Sure, Wii may not have the graphics of the PS3 (which I still think is a piece of propriatary junk, I’m using it for comparison here), but HOT DAMN she’s a pretty girl. If you’ve got Wii hardware and can convey that image so well, it truely means that the seventh-generation console war is not about image quality, but the games. Also on this note, Wii sports is damned addicting. I play it at least one half-hour a day, sometimes more. Good exersize, promotes a steady hand, timing skills and above all else, physical health. Boxing will make you sweat. Tennis will test your endurance in the higher levels. Golf will teach not to overkill. Overall, this is a great console.

Speaking of Video Games, anyone heard of a place called FFXIclopedia? If you read this blog, this may end up being a yes. But anyway, for some retarded reason, someone named Merin decided to tear open an old wound and attempt to once again disprove (to no avail in my or anyone I know’s mind). Yeah. And Ganiman decided to get in on the fight. Why? He hates me. No reason other than that. He, and many others, act like children behind my back. Why? I have different thoughts about the game than he does. I like to play the game my way. He thinks it’s wrong. So he goes ahead and bans me from editing and from accessing the forums like a baby. Someone call the Whammbulance. Please. It’s a damned video game. So what were we fighting about? Maat again. Beaten by Melee by me yet these people don’t belive it worth shit. Probably because they can’t duplicate what I did. Or something. I really don’t have an answer to that. But with some help, I should be able to block image access so FFXIclopedia can’t show my Avy or Sig anymore.

I think this apartment complex has a serious sex problem. My old next-door neighboor kept me up at all hours with arguing and moaning. Now the guy upstairs is doing someone and he’s fucking loud. Granted, I am used to a woman’s moan and cry, I watch enough Hentai that I’d be damned used to it by now, but a man just creeps me the hell out. I had a hard time sleeping the other night because of this. “I’m gonna cum!” Where’s a knife? I want to cut out my ear drums so I never have to hear another man yell that.

I think I’ll top this off finaly with the big bad news. V2’s motherboard is shot. As in blown capacitors shot. Crusty liquid on the tops, freezing problems, failure to start, everything. *Sniff* I took out the board, packaged it up and sent it back for replacement. I can’t keep going without my bigger toy. On a somewhat related note, the Dual 450MHz machine I have finaly is dualing. Before it would just recognize both CPUs but only ever use one. The performance increase is hard to notice offhand, but it’s certainly there. In a realistic example, the PlayOnline client, which usualy requires a 800MHz CPU to run normaly doesn’t seem to have an issue running on this machine. Granted I can’t play FFXI with it (It’s an 11GBs game, there’s not enough HD space left on the machine, plus I think it would lag badly), but I can at least check my mail and do messaging with XI players who don’t use IM clients.

Whew. I guess I had a lot to say this time around. Well, onto my next project.

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Yeah. Let’s take a step back at this. What the hell is thanksgiving anyway? I mean, originaly it was a feast between the indians and the settlers right? But now? Hell. I don’t think it means anything to anyone. As far as I’m concerned, it’s just a corprate holiday now. Give the retailers a day off before the day we all know as “Black Friday”.

Ok. Sure. A day to give thanks for something. We need a damned holiday for that? It’s just like my feelings about church. You should be thankful (or faithful in the other case) everyday and not need an event just to confirm this to someone and/or yourself.

So yeah. I will be returning to New Hartford to have dinner with my family. But I won’t be all excited about it. Once again I will be going to a family event without a date. It always seems that everyone in my family has someone in tow when we get together. My father is married, my siblings either have signifigant others or really good friends. I guess I know how my mother feels. She never seemed to have anyone in tow either since she divoriced my father.

After getting up so late on Sunday, I missed my chance for a Wii. They were all gone when I arrived. But that didn’t bother me really, I had other things to do. Mainly, Command & Conquer. This is one of those games I just absolutely loved from some time ago but lost somewhere (similarly to my obsession with Freespace). I never got to finish the original Command & Conquer (probably because I just sucked at it) and never finished the Allied side for Red Alert. So when I heard Westwood (I refuse to call them EA, they bought Westwood and C&C and did some stuff I wasn’t happy about) came out with a compilation of every game on one DVD plus a bonus, I decided that it was time to pick it up. I enjoyed the bonus features and am feeling extremely nostalgic every second I play the game. Sofar I’ve gotten decently far in the GDI and NOD campaings but for the Allied side from RA I haven’t gotten to where I’ve left it off yet (A mission involving guarding the Chronosphere, I don’t remember where it is). It also gave me access to Generals which is a game I’ve never played. I enjoyed it to an extent, but unfortunately I think a better name for it should be: “Command & Conquer: Starcraft Edition”. It didn’t play very much like a C&C game. First was the Construction Yard. They did away with it. The supply pile system is clever and workable so I have no objections there. There are some enjoyable parts, specificaly the Aroura Bomber when playing as the Air Force general (think of it this way: it moves so fast, has defensive lasers and countermeasures/chaff that it’s practicaly invincible.)

Unfortunately I forgot to backup my saved games so I’ve got to start over again. I decided that it was time for some housekeeping on my computers, backed up everything I thought was important and wiped out the OS drives on my machines. Now that they’re back to functional status, they seem quicker and cleaner now, which is good and excactly what I was trying to accomplish. I take great care of my computers and that gives me some pride. But after installation, I forgot to install Final Fantasy XI before I left for work. That means I got home and then had to update which means I missed Dynamis – San d’Oria entirely, which was the last one I needed for northlands access. Oh well. I will have other times.

I’ve also been working on a couple projects at work. One of them is a web based punchclock. I found something on Sourceforge which was nice, but incomplete by a longshot. So I took it, spiced it up and now it’s ready for installation anywhere and is usable. I think I’m going to relase this to Sourceforge under my own title and continue to update as needed. The company technicaly cannot own what I’ve made because it’s not in the contract and most of this stuff I made while I was off the clock. If I’m lucky, someone will assist me with the program and getting it to do what I want.

I’ve picked up some anime related goods too. I’ve bought the entire saga of Nadesico (finaly) and picked up the Tick! Tack! artbook. That cost me about $50 when I was all done. I think I’m going to get some more related stuff later.

Anyway, it’s shaping up to be a rather boring morning again, so I’m off to find something to do.

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Completely off topic Part II

Always a good thing. I had the fun an exciting time to go back to Utica this weekend. I spent some time giving my baby some love (Read: Drove my Lan Evo IX around), got rid of the window air conditioner and picked up my apprentice for a weekend of fun.


So yeah, I’ll admit I was thinking the convention was going to bomb. Aparently I wasn’t right. It was a great event. Highlight include my haggling skills, Video Game Pianist, Corbin, “He’s right there damnit!”, Your favorite anime sucks and “Anime is made just so the rest of the world can watch with *Expression*”.

So it’s your standard con, hang out with friends, watch anime, buy stuff and generaly have a good time. Breakdown of some of the above are as follows:

Haggling Skills: I bought about $350 or so worth of shwag for $90. I must of kept rolling 20s on my persuasion checks or something. I scored a Negima Starter Box Set and 201 DVD some random Brocolli Shwag, Two Chobits Wall Scrolls, Tsubasa Chronicle Sakura Figure and I think that’s it.

Video Game Pianist is the guy who’s been on EBaumsWorld who played a long Mario Theme Blindfolded. So he gets on stage, Corbin blindfolds him and he does it. He also played a tune standing up and backwards (as in back to the piano). Quite an amazing pianist and I’d love to see him again.

Corbin (the con chair) was just funny as hell. A guy who hasn’t slept in three days is about as funny to be around as your average drunk guy. Seriously. He also did “Your favorite anime sucks” which was quite a good segment. Made fun of some very popular anime and also was insightful as to why Naruto seems like a DragonBall Z clone and they even provide insight to DBZ to boot.

And the last one I feel like talking about: “He’s right there damnit!” Yeah. If anyone’s played Super Smash Brothers Melee you’ll get this rather quickly. The prelimenaries were a four person melee to elimiate two people. My character, Roy, sucks in big melee. In duels he’s much better. So, since Cornaria (Spelling?) is so big all I do is stand on the nose of Great Fox and wait. I was consistantly ignored and by the time there was one left, he had one stock and I had all four of mine left. I walked up, slapped him across the face and won. Cowardly? Perhaps. But you cannot deny victory. I made it towards the middle of the tournament and I think I would of been in 6th place or so. I also was completely undefeated for the entire weekend in Soul Calibur II for GCN. Way too much fun.

I think that’s about the size of it. I did a bit of Blue Mage to calm my nerves this evening before bed and that worked out ok. Bedtime.

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Why not?

So yeah. This movie is frigging awesome. The action is well done and a fast as I wanted it to be, great perspective and though backgrounds sold this film. I won’t bother putting spoilers in, but I’ll just hint at this. When i saw the hair grow, my eyes widdened like a little fanboy, my arms shot in the air and I said “YES! He’s back…” The story was rather straightforward and pretty good, though not as deep or epic as the original, it still sufficed. The CGI was beyond compare, which is what I’d expect after the masterpiece that was Spirits Within. But what really pulled me to loving this thing was the music and that brings us to tonight’s Word.

*Cue the Colbert Report style knock off sidetitle*

Nobuo Uematsu.

Zero: Not only is this guy a creative genius beyond even what I could dream of,
Sidetitle: An anime chick who loved computers and video games as much as he does. Ruri Hoshino…
Zero: but he listens to a large collection of good music.
Sidetitle: If you consider Elton John, Led Zeppelin and Bluegrass to be good.
Zero: Music is as much a part of my life as my job, my computer and my favorite Video Games.
Sidetitle: And his amazing Hentai collection.
Zero: Video games turned me on to my other obsession, Japanese animation.
Sidetitle: *Blinks the previous line for dramatic effect*
Zero: From that I went straight to Anime Music Videos,
Sidetitle: And more Hentai.
Zero: Which then jumped me into going to conventions and meeting some of these legendary editors as they called it.
Sidetitle: Or just really weird and obsessive people.
Zero: I played Guitar Hero at one of these conventions I went to and had some fun because it was like DDR in a sense.
Sidetitle: Hero? Isn’t that a direct contridiction to Zero’s name? How was he ever good at it?
Zero: See I used to be a drummer for a band back in the day
Sidetitle: Called High School Symphonic Band.
Zero: I banged on drums,
Sidetitle: And other unfortunate girls.
Zero: crashed cymballs
Sidetitle: And cars.
Zero: and whacked on various other things.
Sidetitle: I’m not going there.
Zero: My obsession with rock music has got to come from my brother who
Sidetitle: Got WAY more pussy than Zero ever will.
Zero: always seemed to be in a band.
Sidetitle: A much better one.
Zero: So fusing this with my massive anime obsession prompted me to find a disk called The Black Mages at an Anime Convention.

Sidetitle: Nobuo Uematsu.

Zero: And that’s the word. We’ll be right back.