My Xbox One Story

So I kinda wanted to surprise the guys on my New Year’s party, but I must get out the word on how much Microsoft kicks ass and how I walked away with two free games.

Really. Read on to find out.

I had pre-ordered the XOne way back on 6/13/2013 since I thought I would want one. On 10/11/2013 I decided to buy some games, Call of Duty Ghosts, Watch Dogs, Dead Rising 3 and Ryse: Sone of Rome with another year of Xbox Live for giggles. On 11/13/2013 I did have to update my shipping address. See, I thought I would be moving to my new apartment by then (just call it 15) instead of the one I’m still in (18). The week and a half passes and it’s the day. Friday, 11/22/2013 I get my Xbox One, Xbox live Card and Call of Duty: Ghosts…

But wait, where was Ryse and Dead Rising? The next morning UPS arrives with that which was great since I had everything by the 23rd.

Next Wednesday, things got weird. I got home from work to my Building Manager saying I have a package. I took it, opened it and stood there in the hallway perplexed. I had two more copies of Ryse and Dead rising! How? Did someone gift them to me? Did Microsoft send me two copies and double charge me? Ugh. I had to find out. I went up to my apartment and looked over the packages and shipping manifests. The original package…

was not at really telling. The second was…

Sent by FedEx, something Microsoft Store apparently does not do. Also, I find it strange it was missing an apartment number and from Pennsylvania. I then took out the shipping manifest and under it…

was another one! This one was from UPS and incidentally contained the same tracking code and origination address as the original package. Perplexed, I moved on to check my credit card statement. I only had one charge for $129.58 (I live in NY, there’s an 8% tax on online transactions) which is consistent with two $59.99 games. I had other charges I could line up with the XBL card, CoD and the XOne itself. Sofar not so telling. I then decided to report to Microsoft about this incident asking for information. They had nothing on to why it happened. Then I got this message from the person I talked to:

“So for this, I can only see one set of order here and there is no harm on both party since you have not been double charged for this. So what I can advise you is this. I am thinking if it could be a gift from a friend or relatives? If you think it’s not, you can communicate with Fedex and verify where did the order come from. For now, you can keep the second copy of orders.”

In other words: “We don’t know how this happened, we are not admitting fault on either party and you can keep the games.”

So yeah. Thank you Microsoft. You guys are awesome.

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