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Thanksgiving and why I hate it

Now I mentioned already the ridicules things dad and Debbie have been doing lately to me to piss me off to no end. Let me expand on it with my thanksgiving stories. Continue reading ‘Thanksgiving and why I hate it’

And now for something completely different: Part 1

See?! Even women old enough to be my grandmother are knocking on my virginity! Continue reading ‘And now for something completely different: Part 1’

I don’t understand people…

Why must people lie? Why must people betray each other? Why must all this nonsense culminate and take it’s toll on me? Continue reading ‘I don’t understand people…’

Modern Warfare 2 Midnight Launch Unboxing

Oh yeah baby. Here’s what we got. I went big of course.
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Halo 3: Orbital Dump, Super Trash

So yes, I did blow $60.00 on this damned game. While I thought Halo 3 was okay and definitely playable, I do not find ODST any better. Was missing all the fun of Halo 3 because of missing weapons, horrible repeats of bad habits and most importantly the worst plot of a Halo game since…ever. Continue reading ‘Halo 3: Orbital Dump, Super Trash’

A story of lonelyiness (Picture Dumping Post)

No, this isn’t about me (though I am still single by the way), but about something else. Read on for my story about Cardcaptor Sakura and what I did for it, as well as some other pictures.
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Debating a creationist

So I’ve had my first hand experience dealing with an idiot-err…creationist. So here’s the conversation we had just for fun. It’s a very “tl;dr” post, but if you share views like I do it might be worth it. Click on the read more for the story. Continue reading ‘Debating a creationist’

Otakon Update Post One

Shamelessly stolen from LBR, but since it’s something I made, it’s rather important. A real Otakon 2009 update is in the works, but will be a week or so out. If I gave you a card while I was out, you are probably in this video or in the picture dump below.
So yes, I haven’t been sitting on my a** doing code updates the past 7 months or so. I’ve been thinking. And planning. And stuff. And I came up with this:
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Otakon 2009

Quick note! If I took your picture today it is in here somewhere.

More later.

Deadliest Sin 6/13/2009, the birthday present to myself

So I am 22 now. Do I really care? Not particularly, but it does call attention to myself, which I seem to be in dire need of lately. Kinda depressed lately of having no girl and pretty much being rejected or my new favorite word “Cockblocked”. This girl I met on Myspace I am interested in, but have never had the chance to see her in person. I have this sneaking suspicion she isn’t totally interested in me, which is odd since she was the one who came to me first. Also, this other girl who I know from high school who I feel for, but she doesn’t seem to be into me. She had been gone for a while so I let it go, but now that she’s back I feel that awkward heart sensation again. I also guess I am totally off her radar. Finally I have this girl I know over the internet from the UK. I like her because she’s snarky, pretty and very honest, among other fun features. But another thing that’s a big deal to me is that for my birthday she let me have an audio clip of her singing. I thought that was cute. Though I’m confused as to what women want from a guy or more bluntly, me. I am no good at relationships with women, but with how cryptic they are and what people say about them I can’t seem to get a girl, let alone anyone, to tell me what needs fixing. I’m a software developer at heart and frankly people can tell me “I hate it” but that doesn’t help me when I’m attempting to fix the problem. I can understand something like “The user interface could use a larger splash of color” or “The menu control feels sticky” but just “I hate it” never advances what needs doing. *Sigh* Another year, still girlfriendless.
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